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A BFT decorative fireplace is not a heater!

It is not possible to heat economically using bio-alcohol. However, the combustion process in our smokeless models produces 1.2 - 3.0 kW of heat, a large portion of which remains in the room, as there is no heat loss through a chimney.


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BFT - BioFeuerTechnik

BFT was established by Herbert Bee in 1982 as a trade representation for custom building elements and in 1986 expanded to a retail business with its own service and installation department.

Since 1998, BFT has specialized in energy concepts for low-energy and passive houses and heat-insulating windows.

In 2003 with the development of the patented bio-fuel system as a sole heat source for passive houses, new ground was broken. 

The ?smokeless? fireplace was first presented to the public at the State Garden Show in Trier in 2004 in a passive house built especially for that occasion.

The interest in this groundbreaking project was encouraging.

Since 2005, the company?s efforts have been concentrated on bio-fuel systems.

In the same year, Herbert Bee was awarded the environment prize by the state of Rheinland-Pfalz.

The design and technology for the ?smokeless? fireplaces was continually developed in the years since. 

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