Varma Tec Professional Infrared Heaters

DESIGNING MANUFACTURING SOLVINGIn this way Varma Tec® has become an international leader for the supply of electric infrared-ray heaters. Varma Tec® have devoted themselves to the research on the utilization of infrared rays as heat source in the civil, military and industrial fields. During the last few years, thanks to the progress of research and technology applied to their equipment, they have attained an incomparable quality and reliability, also acknowledged on the worldwide market. The unique characteristics of Varma Tec® infrared Irk heaters produced at present make them the most efficient and powerful heaters on the market.

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Varma Tec Types of Heaters

The production is diversificated in over 30 models, specifically studied for thevarious applications requested on the market, namely in the sectors of:

  • ZONAL HEATING for hospitality and communities, civil, industrial, public places
  • INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING, solving many production problems in industry and handicraft
  • AGRICULTURE, in different agricultural activities
  • ZOOTECHNY, in breeding, heating and looking after the animals 
  • PHOTOVOLTAIC, as complement to alternative energy sources installations for the various uses.

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