Slimline Burner 500mm

£ 1,000.00

Prices include GB 20% VAT

Code: burners396

Dimensions: H100mm x L545mm x D145mm
Cut Out Size: H110mm x L530mm x D130mm
Capacity: 2.75 Litres
Consumption: avg 0.3 lt/hr
Performance: 2.7 kW/hr rating

Made of durable 304 stainless steel.
Comes with electronic pump for easy refuelling.
Single sliding plate.

Allows for compact installations due to its slender dimensions.
Produces a stretched continuous flame.
Delivers high performance, clean-burning bioethanol flames.
Accentuates dramatic effect due to its elegant proportions.
Permits to control flame intensity and temperature.

Design your own fireplace with Slimline Burners range. You can also use it with the Slimline Firebox or the Nero Fire Wall system.

Perfect for in and outdoors

Slimline Linear Burners are designed to be used both indoor or outdoor due to its high-quality materials.

Our burners use bioethanol, an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source.

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